Premium Namibian Firewood

The highest quality Namibian Hardwood now available in the UK.

Perfect for Braai's, BBQ's, Firepit's, Pizza Ovens and other Wood burning stoves. This Premium Namibian firewood is extremely hard and dry and comes ready to burn, producing everlasting burning coals with incredible heat.

Nothing completes your authentic African BBQ or Campfire experience more than complimenting it with Kameeldoring (Camel Thorn) Fire Wood. The absolute "Rolls Royce" of firewood. 

Kameeldoring has the lowest moisture content of any firewood as it’s baked under the African Sun to between 0 to 1 % moisture content. If you compare this to a Kiln dried or domestic firewood which ranges between 20 – 30% moisture content. It’s extremely dry, rock hard and heavy which is why it takes so long to burn with an extreme heat output.


Our Kameeldoring firewood is responsibly and sustainably sourced in accordance to the Namibian governmental regulation and cooperation between local landowners and farmers.